Hi ya, im cheryl

A bit about me...

i’m the founder of Spiritual Yogis

I’ve been teaching Yoga, mostly full-time for 8 years. And am based in a village called Chorley, Lancashire, UK. The way i teach, is not instaglam fancy and i cant do phoney instruction, im me when i teach, because to me, when you can be your true self, everything is more enjoyable and 'you get it'..

I grew up in the Northwest of England, my childhood years were spent sleeping above a butchers shop, outsmarting ghosts, and being infatuated with what it meant to die, live, and be alive. I went to my first yoga class at 12 years old, my mum made me go. Of the 20 older women, in the group, i was the heaviest, shyest and youngest and I struggled in the poses, but my Iyengar teacher Elaine would always exhale and say, 'theres many ways to do things Cheryl'. A light bulb went off. From that day on, i knew that if i could not be the same as everyone else, id make my own way. 

People want to do yoga for many reasons, health, spiritual or self-development, what ever your reason, with every diploma i studied, and person id meet, the one thing i learnt early on was, our bodies are magically intelligent, and it is our hearts which store our beauty. If we all looked, acted and thought the same - the world would be unbearably dull. 

I could list other stuff here, like i travelled most of the world in my early twenties, am sometimes physic (that started after a cardiac arrest in hospital one time) that my favourite food is Jackfruit, and i still love cartoons that make me laugh out loud. 

My teaching experience

Over 8 years, I've taught thousands of people yoga, delivered over 5,000 classes (and counting). I 've been blessed to study under world-class yogi teachers, but i love, love, love to teach intuitively..

Certified Qualifications

British Wheel Yoga Hatha Foundation & Diploma Rosemary Bennette, Yin yoga Bernie Clark, Ashtanga level 1 David Swenson, Rainbow Kids Yoga Diploma, Restorative Yoga Adelene Cheong, Laughter Yoga Diploma Lotte Miklesen.  Thai Yoga Massage Therapist Dip. Conception, Pre & Postnatal Diploma. 

Yoga For Burnout & Depression Immersion Course.

Other trainings..

Cellular Renewal & Detoxification Consultant ; Dr Robert Morse Dip. BACP Counselling Skills Diploma. 

BA English (hons) Degree 2.1. MA Masters Degree : Critical Theory & Visual Culture.

These taught me indescribable life lessons: so im adding them in. A dark night of the Soul &  Kundalini break down.