Work Privately with Me Online.

1 on 1 sessions, with step by step guidance

  • Bodies cellular organs Tell Me their energetic state. I 'see' which specific Yoga, earth-food, detoxification system suits to you.  

  • Dharma Download to you; I read the most optimal way of living for your purpose realisation. I motivate or make-sense of your calling. 

  • Mother Earths vibrates how she loves your unique soul, it is a tongue that speaks sacred truthful dialogue.

Services I help on...

  • Classical Yogic Practises private sessions, personal tutoring:  £99  for 4 x 60 min sessions.

  • Energetic cleansing & Spiritual Guidance. Cellular Renewal & Detoxification.£55.55 for 60 mins reading & report.



Consultation Time; 15 Minutes

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A straight to it, chit-chat so you can get a sense of me, and so i can accurately gauge a pathway thats most helpful for you to think about. Youll get help just in this short-meetup.